Manchester, Connecticut

Tax Payment Tips

  • If you are paying an overdue bill, verify the updated amount with the Tax Collector at (860) 647-3018. You may be required to pay upcoming taxes for registration clearance.
  • Delinquent car taxes needing immediate clearance at DMV may not be paid by check. Payment will be applied to the earliest delinquent account and to the interest amount first.
  • If you received a bill for a motor vehicle you no longer own, refer to the brochure enclosed with your bill, "REQUIRED PROOFS FOR ADJUSTMENTS OF MOTOR VEHICLE TAX BILLS" or the brochure may be viewed online at the Miscellaneous Forms and Documents page.
  • AVOID LINES at the Tax Collector's Office - pay taxes on-line or by mail!  We recommend making online payments before the 28th of any month as the number of taxpayers paying online late in the months may exceed available bandwidth to accept online payments.
  • If you are paying by mail, keep your cancelled check as a receipt of payment and for income tax puposes OR you may enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope with your request for a receipt.
  • If you are using an online bill paying service through your bank, be sure to specify in the check memo the account number of the bill.
  • The Tax Office is busiest and lines can be long at the beginning and end of July and January.  During the day, we are busiest during the first half hour after opening, between 11:30 and 2:00 (lunch times), and during the last hour of the day.  We recommend customers consider visiting the office during off-peak hours.
  • Mark your calendar with a reminder in December that second-installment bills are due in January. Subscribe to Manchester Matters for free E-mail news and reminders about important Manchester events. There is no separate mailing for January second-installment real estate and personal property bills. Second-installment bills are enclosed with the bills mailed in June.
  • If you refinanced your mortgage or paid off your mortgage after the July tax installment was paid, you are now responsible for paying your taxes directly (instead of through escrow).  You may request a copy of your tax bill by calling 860-647-3018 or download a Second Tax Bill Request Form from the Miscellaneous Forms and Documents page.  You may also make payments and view past payment history for tax and Water & Sewer payments at this link:
  • Don't wait until the last minute if you have questions about your bill or believe it should be adjusted! There are time limits for some adjustments! Call the Tax Collector at (860) 647-3018.
  • If you did not receive a tax bill and you own property in Manchester, do not assume you owe no taxes! Failure to receive a bill does not eliminate the tax liability, or interest on late tax bills! Your bill may have been sent to an expired address or otherwise lost in the mail. If your real estate tax is escrowed, the bill was sent to your bank or mortgage company. If you or your bank did not receive a bill, call the Tax Collector at (860) 647-3018.
  • If you have trouble paying your tax bill, contact the Tax Collector at (860) 647-3018 to make a payment arrangement.  For information about Property Tax Relief for Veterans, Seniors and Disabled, click here.