Manchester, Connecticut

Motor Vehicle Appeals and Adjustments


  • Motor vehicle assessments are determined annually at 70% of average retail value using N.A.D.A. Vehicle Pricing Guides, in accordance with Connecticut State Statute 12-71d.
  • Motor vehicles registered to Manchester as of October 1 of each year are taxed the following July. Vehicles registered between October 2 and July 31 are taxed on the "supplemental list" in January.
  • Registered motor vehicles that are over 20 model years old may be eligible for a reduced assessment based on certain criteria.  Please call 860-647-3011 if you feel your vehicle may qualify.


  • Motor vehicle assessments billed in July may be appealed at the September meeting of the Board of Assessment Appeals.
  • Motor vehicle assessments billed on the "supplemental list" in January may be appealed at the March meeting of the Board of Assessment Appeals. Application must be made by February 20.
  • Motor Vehicle assessment appeal forms may be downloaded from the Board of Assessment Appeals page or are available from the Assessor's Office at (860) 647-3016.


  • The Department of Motor Vehicles does not notify Connecticut Assessors when a motor vehicle is disposed of!
  • If your vehicle was sold, traded, donated, junked, totaled, stolen, or otherwise disposed of, or if you registered the vehicle out-of-state, you may be entitled to a prorated credit or refund of all or part of your tax bill!
  • If the registration plates were transferred to a replacement vehicle, the credit will automatically be applied to the Supplemental Tax Bill for the replacement vehicle the following January.
  • If the registration was NOT transferred, two forms of documentation are required in order to prorate the tax bill:
    • Cancelled plate receipt from Connecticut DMV
      one of the following:
    • Bill of sale signed by both parties
    • Junk dealer receipt
    • Donation receipt
    • Dated registration from another state
    • Statement from insurer with date of and reason for cancellation
    • Other documentation such as a police report, repossession statement or title transfer
  • Further details about Motor Vehicle Taxes are available in the REQUIRED PROOFS FOR ADJUSTMENTS OF MOTOR VEHICLE TAX BILLS brochure enclosed with all motor vehicle tax bills, available online on the Miscellaneous Forms and Documents page and from the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles.