Manchester, Connecticut

Defective Concrete and Crumbling Foundation Information


Manchester is one of over 40 municipalities in Connecticut known to have properties built using defective concrete used in building foundations. 

Owners of residential properties that are impacted by defective concrete are entitled to obtain a reduction in their property's assessment through a change in legislation that occurred in 2016.  Manchester has information about how to qualify for that assessment reduction, along with an application at this link:


The 2016 legislation regarding assessment reductions for defective concrete is online at this link:

In addition, the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection also has more information about defective concrete at this link:

The Capitol Region Council of Governments, CRCOG, also has information about defective concrete on their website at this link:

The Town of Manchester recommends that anyone with a home built in 1983 or later examine their foundation and review the information above to determine if your home might be impacted.

Further information regarding the defective concrete issue in Manchester, and questions or concerns can be address by calling 860-647-3011, or e-mailing or

Link to the State of Connecticut Attorney General's Office issued a report on defective concrete issue in November 2016.

Link to June 6, 2018 presentation on "Crumbling Foundations, Defective Concrete" at the 75th Annual School for Connecticut Assessors and Boards of Assessment Appeals at UConn.