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Assessment and Collection Offices
41 Center Street, PO Box 191
Manchester, CT 06045-0191
8:30 am- 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays
Assessment: (860) 647-3016
Tax Collection: (860) 647-3018
Fax: (860) 647-3099
John Rainaldi, CCMA II, CCMC, Director of Assessment & Collection:

Beth Jacobs, CCMC, Asst. Collector of Revenue:

Angel Johnstone CCMA I, Deputy Assessor:

REVALUATION UPDATE:  The Town of Manchester and Vision Government Solutions will send preliminary assessment notices of the new assessments for the revaluation date of October 1, 2016 beginning November 10, 2016.  Most Manchester property owners will likely receive their notices in the mail by early next week.
The notices will contain both the assessed value for 10/1/2011 (the previous revaluation) and the 10/1/2016 revaluation.   Assessments are equal to 70% of the estimated full market value in accordance with Connecticut State Statute.
The notices will contain information for property owners who wish to appeal their new assessments.  The first step in the appeal process is an informal hearing with Vision Government Solutions.  Property owners wishing to schedule an informal hearing appointment may go to and follow the instructions to schedule an informal hearing.  You will need the Parcel ID number (PID#), which can be found at the top of the 2016 revaluation assessment notice, or on the online database.  If you wish to schedule an informal hearing for two or more properties, please do not schedule your hearings online, and please call Vision Government Solutions at 1-888-844-4300.   If you do not have access to a computer, or prefer to call for an appointment time, instead of scheduling your informal hearing online, you may call 1-888-844-4300 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding state holidays.  The last day to schedule an appointment is December 5, 2016.
Property owners are advised that in Connecticut, it is the assessment of the property that is appealed at this point in the process, not the taxes due on the property because the tax amounts will not be known for several months.  During the first few days after the notices are mailed, it is likely that the 888 number and the website will experience a high volume of calls, and it is possible that all phone lines will be busy at various points in time.  Property owners are asked not to contact the Town of Manchester to schedule an informal hearing as informal hearings must be scheduled through Vision Government Solutions.  Property owners who wish to appeal their assessments after the informal hearings may file an appeal with the Board of Assessment Appeals by February 20, 2017.  Property owners are not required to attend an informal hearing in order to file an appeal with the Board of Assessment Appeals, but it is recommended that property owners consider attending an informal hearing if they feel their assessment is incorrect.
In addition to the notices sent to property owners, the preliminary 2016 assessment data will be listed online.  Property owners who wish to do research on their new assessment and compare it to similar properties or recently sold properties may do so online at  For property owners who do not have Internet access or who would rather perform their research at Town Hall, the Town of Manchester Office of Assessment and Collection is available to assist in research.  The Office is located at the Manchester Town Hall at 41 Center Street, and the office is open weekdays from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM, additional arrangements can be made if taxpayers wish to go to Town Hall before or after hours to perform research to prepare for their informal hearing.
The first tax bills using the 2016 revaluation assessments will be mailed in June 2017, and due in July 2017.  The Town of Manchester’s current mill (tax) rates cannot be used to calculate June 2017 tax bills.  The mill rate changes every year, and the changes are based on several factors, including the revaluation.
Although revaluation does not change the total amount of tax revenue the Town will need to raise, it does change individual tax bills.  Connecticut municipalities have a high dependence on property taxes in order to operate as municipalities.  However, the property tax is the tax that municipalities in Connecticut must use in order to raise the revenue required to operate the municipality.   Municipalities in Connecticut, under Connecticut law, are not allowed to institute a local income tax or local sales tax. 

URGENT NOTICE REGARDING DEFECTIVE CONCRETE FOUNDATIONS.  Manchester is one of roughly twenty municipalities in Northeastern Connecticut known to have properties built using defective concrete used in building foundations.  Recently passed legislation has allowed owners of properties built with defective concrete to receive a reduced property assessment as of the Grand List (tax list) of October 1, 2016.  This Grand List coincides with Manchester's next-scheduled revaluation and will impact tax bills beginning in July 2017.  If you believe your property may have defective concrete, you may find out more about the process of receiving a reduced assessment here:
Town of Manchester, Defective Concrete Cover Letter & Application- July 2016

The recently adopted legislation regarding defective concrete is online at this link:

In addition, the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection also has more information about defective concrete at this link:

The Town of Manchester recommends that anyone with a home built in 1983 or later examine their foundation and review the information above to determine if your home might be impacted.

Further information regarding the defective concrete issue in Manchester, and questions or concerns can be address by calling 860-647-3011, or e-mailing or

The Town of Manchester will host a meeting on crumbling foundations on Thursday, September 8, 2016 at 7:00 PM at Cheney Hall (177 Hartford Road, Manchester, CT).  More information about this meeting can be found at this link:

Town of Manchester, Crumbling Foundations Meeting, September 8, 2016

INFORMATION REGARDING MOTOR VEHICLE TAX BILLS DUE IN JULY 2016:  The CT DMV and municipalities statewide are working to resolve some inconsistences among residents’ mailing addresses and domicile addresses.  If you received a tax bill from a town that you did not reside in or garage your vehicle in as of October 1, 2015, contact the Assessor to request a transfer to the correct municipality. If your registration has expired or is due to expire with 60 days, and you have not received a renewal notification, you must contact DMV.  If you are being reported with a tax (or other) compliance issue from a municipality you never lived in, you should contact the municipality reporting the compliance.  You may renew your registration, cancel license plates and verify your renewal status at DMV’s web site at:  

FARM BUILDING EXEMPTION APPLICATION:  As of November 2015, the Town of Manchester Board of Directors adopted a new local ordinance (Code of Ordinances Section 285-5.2) which allows an exemption of up to $100,000 in assessment for qualifying farm buildings.  In order to apply for this exemption, qualifying farms must file an application.  The application can be found on  in the  "Miscellaneous Forms and Documents" on the Assessment & Collection department page.  The filing deadline is November 1st annually.

MEMBERS OF ARMED FORCES - One car belonging to or leased by an active duty serviceperson may be completely tax exempt each tax year. Call (860) 647-3016 for details. For CT residents, the application is available in "Miscellaneous Forms and Documents" and is labelled "One-Vehicle Exemption". For Non-Residents, use the form labelled "Military Non-Resident".  See the brochure "Property Tax Relief for Veterans, Seniors and Disabled" on the menu list for more information and filing deadlines.

ASSESSOR'S OFFICE 860-647-3016
Grand List Press Release

Tax bills are mailed in June each year, and payments are due in July each year.   Real estate tax bills, some Personal Property tax bills, and Supplemental Motor Vehicle tax bills will also have a second installment due in January each year.  Taxes are generally paid in arrears.  For example, payments on the October 1, 2015 Grand List are due in July 2016 and January 2017.  Real estate tax bills are based on Manchester's October 1, 2011 revaluation.  You can check the mill rate for your location using the Mill Rate History chart located on the Micellaneous Forms and Documents page.  Eighth District locations can be found on the Miscellaneous Forms and Documents page.

The mission of the Assessor's Office is to accurately and fairly assess the value of all real estate, personal property and motor vehicles located in the Town of Manchester in accordance with Connecticut state law. The office also administers various exemption and abatement programs related to property taxes for veterans, low-income seniors and disabled.

Tax bills are mailed in June each year, and payments are due in July each year.   Real estate tax bills, some Personal Property tax bills, and Supplemental Motor Vehicle tax bills will also have a second installment due in January each year.  Taxes are generally paid in arrears.  For example, payments on the October 1, 2015 Grand List are due in July 2016 and January 2017.  Real estate tax bills are based on Manchester's October 1, 2011 revaluation.

Taxpayers owning more than one motor vehicle will notice that all of their vehicles will be included on a single tax bill. The center portion of the bill will list each vehicle represented by the single bill. This is in response to taxpayer requests to mail all motor vehicles in the same envelope, which many taxpayers have indicated is more convenient, as well as reducing the Town’s expenses on printing and postage.

Motor Vehicle tax bills mailed in June reflect vehicles registered as of the prior October 1st. Any vehicles registered after October 1st will will not appear on the tax bill mailed in June, and will be billed approximatey six months later, in December.

Tax payments may be made at the Collectors Office in Town Hall, by mail using the envelope enclosed with the bill or to the address at the top of this page or by using the on-line payment site. The Tax Collector’s Office can also take payments in person by check, cash, money order, credit cards, or debit cards (with a 2.45% Discover processing fee.) Online payments may be made with a debit card or a credit card (plus a 3% processing fee.)

Delinquent vehicle taxes requiring immediate DMV clearance for registration may be paid in cash, money order, or with a debit or credit card (the convenience fee will be added).

Current tax payments (not delinquent taxes) may also be made at the Customer Service and Information Center in Town Hall.  Also for your convenience, there is a night-drop box for non-cash payments at the rear of Town Hall near the handicap access door. The Assessment & Collection office will offer extended hours on the last day to make current payments each year.

Manchester taxpayers continue to have the ability to pay their Tax Bills and Water & Sewer Payments online at On-Line Bill Pay and Tax Payment Lookup Due date, interest charges, etc., where applicable, are the same for online tax payments as for over-the-counter payments, however an additional convenience fee will apply to all credit card payments made online, and a fee of $0.50 is charged for each E-check tax payment online.

While the Town has no desire to charge interest on late payments, we must remind the taxpayers that failure to make timely payments will subject taxpayers to an interest charge of 1.5% per month from the July 1st or January 1st due date. The minimum interest charge is $2.00. If you believe you will be paying late, please call the Office of Assessment & Collection at 860-647-3018 for the correct amount due. Please also note that there is no mailing for the second installment for Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills. Both payment coupons are included with the bill mailed in June. Please save your receipts for income tax purposes. You may call 860-647-3018 with questions regarding tax collection issues.

For questions regarding real estate assessments please call 860-647-3016;
questions regarding personal property assessments please call 860-647-3015;
or questions regarding motor vehicle assessments please call 860-647-3017.

Out-of-State Vehicles.  Are you a Manchester resident?  Is your vehicle properly registered in Connecticut, and to your proper address?  The Town of Manchester frequently receives complaints about Manchester residents who have their vehicles registered in other states, yet garage and use those vehicles here in Manchester on a daily basis.  This is a violation of Connecticut law, and Connecticut law allows municipalities to assess and tax vehicles that are either not registered at all, or are registered in other states if those vehicles most frequently leave from and return to Connecticut.  If you are Manchester resident and your vehicle is registered out-of-state, we urge you to properly register your vehicle in Connecticut.  We fully investigate all complaints we receive as it is not fair to our taxpayers who are properly registered here.  If you know of someone who is a Manchester resident and has a vehicle they keep here in Manchester, but has that vehicle registered out-of-state, or not registered at all, you can report them anonymously to the town by calling 860-647-3011 or 860-647-3015.